Sheetpress - Cell - Module - 650

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Sheetpress Module - 650

Features / Details

  • 15mm 5038 Aluminum plates, precision cut and ground
  • 9 Cartridge heaters, 12mm diameter, 80mm long, 300W, embedded in the heat-plate for maximum contact and lifespan
  • the module is compatible with 'Cassandra Light'. Larger designs as a 2x2 arrangments are also available in the library
  • the lower support ribs can be removed
  • point to point temperature differences are within a 2 degree celsius range
  • warmup time - 220V : 20 minutes, 400V: 10 minutes
  • low heating oscillation, approximately every 15 seconds

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70% of the total cost of the machine(s) to be paid at the moment of the order. The 30% left + transport fees to be paid at reception of tracking number of the shipping (no machine leaves the workshop without full payment).

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