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SJ35 - Medium-sized universal extruder. Imported and slightly modified. Features Extruder screw and barrel are all good quality alloy steel 38CrMoVAlA, with nitriding treatment and surface special treatment, good quality with long lifetime.  Gearbox: Chinese famous brand, hard teeth...
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Filament Cooling unit Features / Details Uses 3 CPU coolers (120mm) Flexible housing, ideal for hacking 3 Pulleys included Please always contact us through EMAIL : sales@plastic-hub.com Dimensions...
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Upgraded Precious Plastic v3 extruder, perfect for labs & small enterprises Features Rigid, flexible and modular framework – enabling hacking and extensions Extrusion hopper can be easily detached or turned down for cleaning Stronger taper bearings extra thrust...
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300G Automatic Material Feeding Machine Vacuum Feeder Auto Loader 220V It conveys plastic granules to the injection mold machine with ease. It is easy to operate and its filter system makes it possible to be used for a long time. An independent filter device facilitates dust removal and...
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A simplified version of the Precious Plastic - Pro / v4 - Extruder, using the Lydia v4.5 design Package contents Extrusion - Screw - 30mm diameter | Usable length : 70cm | Extended shaft for a 35mm gearbox Barrel | 40 mm outer diameter with flange | Mild-Steel Bearing housing with motor...
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Features Hot air well-distribute heated wind. The heat efficiency is high enough to shorten a great amount of drying time. Precise Temperature Controls The precise temperature controls ensure and keep a high accuracy of temperature. Save Time and Manpower As the hopper body and bottom...
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Cantilever Pelletizer A lab-scale pelletizer fit for pelletizing glass fiber or mineral enhanced plastics, rubber mixer, PVC, PBT, PE, PP, PS, PET, ABS, and other plastics strands.
Precious Plastic - v4 eExtrusion screw and hardened barrel (recommended) Customizations are possible lead-time : 1 week
Compression screw and barrel for Precious Plastic v3 extruder.  Features - Barrel is threaded and CNC machined - customizations are possible
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Main Motor Power 250W Heating Power: 800W Machine Size 1500*200*400mm Screw Single screw Extruder Diameter 25 mm. L/D 16:1 Raw material 38CrMoAlA surface treatment Nitrogenization and polished Inner surface treatment...