Crusher - SXD100

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Specifications / Features

  • Plastic Type: PVC, PET, ABS, PP/PE, PE, PP, PC, PMMA, PA, PS and others on request
  • Max.Production Capacity (kg/h): 80 - 180kg
  • Weight: 228kg
  • Motor power: 4kw +
  • Mesh size: 8mm
  • Feed inlet size: 250x200 +
  • Dimension(LWH): 1020x670x1090MM +
  • Blade Material: 9CrSi/SKD-11
  • After-sales Service Provided: Video technical support, Free spare parts, Field installation
  • Certification: CE ISO


Model Crushing size Motor power Crushing capacity Screen aperture Dimensions Weight
SX-D100 250x200mm 4kw 80-180kg/h 8mm 1020x670x1090mm 228kg
SX-D150 310x265mm 5kw 100-200kg/h 8mm 1150x720x1220mm 350kg
SX-D200 410x280mm 7.5kw 100-300kg/h 8mm 1200x860x1350mm 450kg
SX-D300 500x320mm 11kw 100-300kg/h 10mm 1300x950x1530mm 680kg
SX-D400 600x320mm 15kw 150-450kg/h 10mm 1400x1060x1600mm 900kg
SX-D500 620x460mm 22kw 200-500kg/h 12mm 1600x1240x1850mm 1200kg
SX-D600 710x460mm 22kw 250-600kg/h 12mm 1750x1350x1950mm 1600kg
SX-D700 810x460mm 30kw 280-700kg/h 12mm 1800x1500x2120mm 2000kg
SX-D800 820x560mm 37kw 300-800kg/h 14mm 2000x1500x2250mm 2400kg
SX-D900 1020x650mm 45kw 350-900kg/h 14mm 2100x1750x2400mm 3000kg
SX-D1000 1030x830mm 56kw 400-1100kg/h 16mm 2200x1800x2500mm 3500kg

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Payment terms

Industrial machines : 100% of the total cost of the machine(s) to be paid at the moment of the order.

Machines manufactured in-house

70% of the total cost of the machine(s) to be paid at the moment of the order. The 30% left + transport fees to be paid at reception of tracking number of the shipping (no machine leaves the workshop without full payment).

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