Myriad - Injector

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A small company in Barcelona specializing in recycling hardware and software developme...

Arbor injection machine which provides fast, repeatable, comfortable, safe and precise injection of plastic!

Highlights and details

  • All parts are precision manufactured, using modern CNC and manual machines
  • Smooth and precise plunging experience
  • The plunger has a replaceable bronze tip
  • 2 mold interfaces: cone for press, and M20 thread interface
  • Heat-shield and insulation
  • Heated valve to stop plastic flow, needed to make good use of the car-jack press mechanism. This relaxes the injection process and molds can be heated short before usage.
  • Stepless mold height adjustment
  • Mould guide pins and slots
  • Hardened barrel
  • 1degc tolerance
  • Transmission 1:1
  • Quick mould pressure mechanism
  • Mostly stainless and Aluminum
  • Shotsize: 150 - 220G


  • After - Sales Service
  • 3 years Warranty
  • Cheap replacements for consumables
  • Customization to user needs
  • Mold design and fabrication

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Part Nr. Description Configuration
1 Heatbands 4x – 250W
2 PID Controller InkBird 100-VH
4 Solid Round Bars 5x – 25mm diameter / 50 cm long
6 Plunger 25mm diameter / 38 cm long
10 Nozzle Interface M20 / 12 mm bore
11 Nozzle M20 / 12 mm bore with inset cone
12 Mold Height Adjustment
13 Inlet Stainless
14 Valve Press cone or thread interface. See here for more.
15 Mold press lever
17 Gear Lock Spring loaded, prevents the plunger from going back
18 Heat insulation and shield Wool and stainless
19 Framework 25mm diameter tubes, stainless


Weight 35 Kg
Package Dimensions 130 x 30 x 55 cm
Plunger Diameter 25 mm – 30 mm
Usable Barrel Length Up to 45 cm
Supported Voltage 220V / 110V
Input Flake Size Small - Medium
Plastic Shot Size Up to 300 gramm
Transmission 1: 1.5
Mold Interface M20 thread / Cone Nozzle
Heatbands 4 (250W) / Ceramic
Temperature Controller 2 – Inkbird





Shipping fees with Europe : 100 Euro

Estimated shipping fees outside of Europe : 900 Euro

Payment terms

Industrial machines : 100% of the total cost of the machine(s) to be paid at the moment of the order.

Machines manufactured in-house

70% of the total cost of the machine(s) to be paid at the moment of the order. The 30% left + transport fees to be paid at reception of tracking number of the shipping (no machine leaves the workshop without full payment).

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