Laser Gauge

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Laser Gauge for 3D Printing Filament Production Line

1. Features: 

• Laser two-dimensional scanning: Two bunches of lasers to do outer diameter measurement of non-contact, non-damage from the different angle, it can effectively eliminate error caused by work vibration; 

• DSP data processing technique: The sampling speed is quick, precision is high and the performance is stable; 

• The reaction control integration module with PID constitute the online outer diameter closed-loop observation and control system (e.g.: diameter of the object measured is slight big or small, the transmission rate is big or small), which can change the transmission rate to control the outer diameter be tested through adjusting the power supply with PID. It’s easy to operate, user can setup a boundary numerical value, the main engine will give an alarm automatically while the test result exceeds the set value. 2. Applications The LG05B Laser Diameter Instrument is a high accuracy one without contact designed on the basis of the laser scan measuring principle. The 2-dimension measuring mode is applied to the instrument, and the 2-way laser beam is in the positive cross design in the measuring field, thus effectively eliminating testing errors caused by workpiece shocks. It is especially suitable for real-time measurement of the production field and is widely used in the test of round wire materials such as communication cables, optical cables, co-axial cables and power cables, and the test of various kinds of other round workpiece diameters. 

3. Technical specifications 

Measuring range: 0.2-30mm(LG05B) 

Sensitivity: 1um 

Measuring accuracy: ±2um(LG05B) 

Ambient temperature: 4-40℃ 

Ambient humidity: <85% without condensed dew 

Power consumption of instrument: less than 50W 

Operating voltage: AC220V 50HZ±10% 

Scanning rate: greater than 50m/c 

Dimension : 7.6*29*36.6(cm) 

Weight: 10Kgs 

Colour: Black 

Remote digital display and the stand are included.

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