Lydia - v4.6 - Extended

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Lydia - v4.6 - Extended

Details / Features

  • Extrusion hopper can be easily detached or turned down for cleaning
  • Aluminum hopper mount for extra cooling, enabling longer barrel usage
  • Hardened barrel
  • Screw: Shearing and mixing section
  • Optional: dedicated control for injecting into moulds
  • Optional: Omron & Controllino with ModBus Gateway (TCP, RS485) for remote monitoring and control
  • Optional: Cooling fans

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Version 4.6
Variant Standard – v4.6-Extended
Weight 80kG
Package Dimensions 120 x 100 x 450 cm
Screw Diameter 30mm
Screw Features Mixing and Shearing section
Screw Material 38CrMoAlA
Barrel Interface M65 – 2.0
Usable Screw Length 710mm
Barrel Length 80cm
Barrel Diameter 70mm
Barrel Material Hardened / Alloy
Barrel Flange Shutoff valve slider, 120mm – M10 – 10x
Barrel Features Liquid cooling section
Hopper Features Quick Release / Shutoff valve / Venting Port / Stainless
Maximum Temperature 450
Heat Zones 30mm
Heating Power 2.2 kW
PID Controllers Rexc-100 or Omron E5 (Modbus)
Heat Elements 10 – Ceramic
Axial Tolerance 0.05
Backpressure handling Up to 5T, 2 thrust bearings, one taper bearing M35
Max. Output Pressure 5T
Noise 45dB
Voltage 220V / 380 V
Drive Hynyang / Omron / ABB
Motor Power 4 kW
Performance 5 - 20 Kg / Hour
Supported Materials HDPE, PP, PE LDPE, PET, ABS, PLA, PETG
Input Flake Size Small - Medium
License CERN Open Source Hardware License



Extra Resources

  • Firmware


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