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A small company in Barcelona specializing in recycling hardware and software developme...

Flexible dual sheetpress. Includes heat and cooling press. Creates sheets of 60cm, up to 30mm thick.

Details / Features

  • Up to 15T of pressure: hydraulic and/or pneumatic
  • Variations: 2 or 3 press plates, active cooling or heating
  • Comes with wheels and hood

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Pressure 5T
Press – Plate Size 70cm
Sheet Size 60cm
Electricity 220V
Power 7kW
Status Tested
Version V1.0 (Revision A)
License CERN OHL v2
Certifications CE



70% of the total cost of the machine(s) to be paid at the moment of the order. The 30% left + transport fees to be paid at reception of tracking number of the shipping (no machine leaves the workshop without full payment).

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