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A small company in Barcelona specializing in recycling hardware and software developme...

Precious Plastic Single Axis Shredder, v3.4


  • Jam detection / Auto-Reverse
  • Rigid, flexible and modular framework – enabling hacking and extensions
  • Electronics and wiring according to standards
  • Auto-Stop after being idle
  • Visual feedback

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Weight 70 Kg
Knife Material Stainless
Shaft 35mm
Voltage 220V or 380V
Motor – Power 2.2kW
Type Single Shaft
License CERN Open Source Hardware License
Compliance CE
Control PLC – Auto-Reverse
Sieve 5mm
Hexbar 32mm
Chamber Steel – Powder – coated
Housing Powder coated



70% of the total cost of the machine(s) to be paid at the moment of the order. The 30% left + transport fees to be paid at reception of tracking number of the shipping (no machine leaves the workshop without full payment).

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