Extruder 2018

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JW Machines
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Extruder 2018

complete as shown, up to a good working machine € 4995, = ex VAT

equipped with original hardened extruder screw.

works on 230 Volt, equipped with frequency controller + variable speed.

Fitted with heating tapes.

Stainless steel feed hopper with safety grid


extrude volume is about 3 Kg/hour. That is about 3900 cm3 / hour

highly dependent on the plastic and how fine it is ground. Got info from our extruder screw supplier.


Currently, there is an original extruder screw in the works with a mixing head to improve the plasticizing ability. More info will follow.

Dimensions for sending this extruder approx. 90 x 48 x 120cm, the size of the box is also added.

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