Extruder 2:1

Increase productivity and new customers! The machine, combines the capabilities of an extruder and an injector, allows for the creation of products with unique shapes. High productivity, ergonomic design, compactness, and mobility make this model optimal for both factories and small-scale production. A powerful motor, reinforced gearbox - this ensures fast mold filling and process optimization. The precision in manufacturing each component is guaranteed. Extruder 2 in 1: new forms for your business!

> We have selected the optimal motor/gearbox combination for you, ensuring an ideal balance of efficiency and performance.

> Choose the required operating modes and make precise adjustments for the best results.

> Maximum mobility and convenience are provided by wheels with a locking mechanism.

> The box will help you organize your workspace, store tools and finished products.

> The frequency converter is the ideal solution for precise and efficient speed control.

> Three heating zones ensure even heating of your material.

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